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Local Tree Pruning Edenvale Experts

Our arborists understand the various types of trees growing in the extensive location of Johannesburg and Edenvale. We understand that every types of tree calls for a different strategy when it involves tree pruning edenvale. Whether your building has blue gum, pine, palm or any unique of tree, be ensured that our best local team will make use of the appropriate tree pruning edenvale method to regenerate growth and also visual allure of your trees. At the end of the day, the goal of pruning is to have your trees blossom better than before.

3 Benefits of Tree Pruning Edenvale


We implement seasonal trimming.

Unless you have an unique interest in trees, you may not realize the value of pruning your trees at the appropriate time. Our specialist arborists can suggest the correct time to trim your trees depending on the species you have around your home.

We recommend trimming after the tree has actually completed its flowering cycle. For clients who like dwarfed trees, the very best time to trim is during the summer. On the other hand, trimming your trees in autumn can stimulate springtime growth.

Naturally, trees are self-sufficient in most elements, however you can boost their development by trimming them annually or biannually. Ultimately, if you don’t trim trees often, you may not attain symmetry when attempting to enhance our backyards. Our group of arborists aim to boost the health and wellness of your trees via tree pruning in Edenvale. We comprehend that this is the only way your trees will certainly continue to boost the value as well as convenience of your residential or commercial property.



Our professional Arborists are skilled at trimming trees according the time as well as period. We use the most effective pruning devices to ensure the growth of your trees is not stunted. Pruning enables the vegetation underneath the tree to access sunlight, which is important for their growth. When you trim your trees sometimes, it will not be long before people in your neighborhood observe how good your backyard will look.


Our team make use of the right tools

Utilizing the ideal equipment when pruning trees cannot be underestimated. Lots of property owners ruin their trees when pruning because they make use of incorrect tools such as a hacksaw. You may not know this but trees do get wounded, much like humans do and can be harmed without proper treatment.

This is why it is necessary to work with the solutions of a professional arborist when trimming or executing tree treatment tasks. Our group uses pruning saws and also hand sheers to trim your trees to perfection. We cannot over-emphasize making use of proper devices when trimming your trees.

What Is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming helps trees, shrubs, and hedges look their best. Usually, business managers or commercial property owners trim trees and foliage to make their property more attractive to prospective clients. Aside from promoting a clean look, tree pruning edenvale alleviates excessively dense bushes that may block sunlight and moisture from reaching a landscape.

What Is Tree Pruning?

When it comes to trees and shrubs, pruning is often associated with removing extraneous branches and sometimes even roots — some of which may be dead and necessitate being cut away from. In some instances, tree branches grow in an undesirable direction or pose a safety hazard, such as extending toward utility wires or structures. Tree pruning edenvale, in this regard, helps keep unwanted growth at bay.

When Should I Trim or Prune My Trees?

The timing and frequency of trimming and pruning differ according to season in addition to plant and tree species. 

Trimming is recommended twice a year for aesthetic upkeep, falling at least once just after the flowering season. To promote the health of smaller shrubs, trim before they reach one foot in height.

Most trees and shrubs require annual pruning, although the exact timing depends on your desired result. We advise pruning dormant trees during winter to promote springtime growth and cutting branches in the summer to “dwarf” development. If your goal is to boost flowering capacity, prune immediately after a tree or shrub’s blooming cycle.

We offer a number of pruning options which can enhance your tree or hopefully solve your tree problems. These options include crown reduction for view, light and canopy size management, pruning for view, tree pruning edenvale for safety and edible tree management pruning, crown lifting, crown shaping or thinning, dead wooding and pollarding.

After consulting with one of our qualified arborists your quote will include a detailed description of works to make sure you get your tree pruning edenvale right the first time. This consultation will ensure that the correct method we carry out will either maintain or enhance both the look and health of your tree. We will guide your trees toward a direction of strong and sustainable growth and if required we can also sculpt your trees in order to promote shade or privacy.
Crown reduction and shaping is commonly used if a specimen has outgrown it’s space, this method of pruning creates a natural appearance and increase the time before pruning is needed again.

Pollarding is when the tree is defoliated to a stump and then left to regenerate. Crown lifting removes a select number of lower branches in order to lift the canopy’s overall height, this is sometimes done in order for people to be able to walk under the tree, or to let more light in through the lower crown. We encourage that you carry out dead wooding regularly on your trees to promote new growth and safety around the tree. Crown thinning is mainly used on hardwood trees by removing select branches in order to gain more light and improve the specimen’s structure.

Tree Pruning Edenvale experienced climbing arborists use modern techniques in order to access and carry out work on the selected branches without damaging other limbs or property nearby. We apply advanced rigging techniques with specialized equipment to control the falling limbs one section at a time.
Whilst we take great care and consideration on each job, Tree Pruning Edenvale offers the piece of mind that we carry Liability Insurance, should any unforeseen circumstances arise.
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